We have the opportunity to meet and work with incredible photographers from all over the world. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with visual storytellers. We'd be yet another digital print gallery if it weren't for them, their visual tales, and high-quality photography. We collaborate to create enticing photographic art that evokes emotions. We collect and exhibit art that is inspired by our landscapes & wildlifes.

WE only WORK WITH PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE. Everyone can find photographic art online and just print it. The Aluxem Network will go much further than; just a print.

Philipp Pilz

Philipp Pilz Germany

I’m Philipp, nature photographer based in Germany. With my photos and tones I want to create a unique atmosphere and mood. Extraordinary landscapes and animals tell my story. I am addicted to nature and search for the wilderness behind every rock and tree. I travel through Europe with a camper van and discover all the beautiful corners of my continent. I would like to take you on a journey and show you the most beautiful creatures and places in central europe.

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Oscar Knutsson

Oscar Knutsson Sweden

Ever since I was a child, I´ve experienced the forrest as my sanctuary. At first as a playground, where only my imagination could set the limits. When I got older it was more like a peaceful place, and I always found myself more energized after a visit there. I could just wander around and observe the animals, enjoy the birds chirping or on the contrary - just enjoy the silence. My photography develops continuously and motives can now be found anywhere, not just in the forrest.

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Johan Swanepoel

Johan Swanepoel South Africa

Visualize exploring a huge cave with a narrow beam of light. Its secrets and beauty will be revealed slowly and with anticipation. Shadows will accentuate interesting shapes and forms, at times taking on abstract appearances. We will be enticed to imagine what lies beyond and still awaits discovery.

This is how my venture into nude photography can be described. Not necessarily a deep mysterious meaning or message, but rather a collection of instances to showcase the diverse beauty of human bodies in different light setups, configurations and circumstances.

I work from South Africa, prefer minimalism, and mostly use artificial light for creative control. Apart from studio work, I also enjoy shooting wildlife and doing 3D modeling with still renders.

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Daniel J. Schwarz

Daniel J. Schwarz Austria

Hey, my name is Daniel and I am currently living in a small town in Austria called Graz. I am constantly hunting the perfect shot with my camera and the newest tech to design something great with. Constantly on the go for new adventures, most of the time in my van. To ensure that I don’t spend too much time with unnecessary things I reduced everything in my life to the things I really enjoy.

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Kristina Maimburg Bosjanoks

Kristina Maimburg Bosjanoks Denmark

My name is Kristina, and I am a photographer based in Denmark. I search for mindful moments during travel and even during smaller adventures in everyday life. With my photographs, I hope to transfer you, not just to another country, but also to another mindset, and essentially make you more aware and grateful for the little things in life.

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Manuele Chiaravalloti

Manuele Chiaravalloti Switzerland

My passion for nature and art in general came 13 years ago when I moved from the hot mediterranean coast of the south Italy to the cold Switzerland’s alps. I love to be alone out there, especially in rainy, foggy and snowy days, feeling detached from the human world is something that I really need to be ok with myself. Even if it’s after a long day spent at work, at night or whenever, driving through the mountains for a few hours and back home makes me feel a lot better.

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Pantelis Moromalos

Pantelis Moromalos Greece

Looking back in my life I can’t exactly remember what triggered my need to travel and shoot but I guess somehow it was always there. Since I was a kid I was enthusiastic about wildlife and nature documentaries on television. After years of watching adventures on tv, I went on my first own exploratory trip to Ireland with my wife. I was thrilled by the scenery, and that made me decide to pick up a camera mainly to shoot landscapes. Then, two years ago, I felt a deeper intimacy between me and my camera. It happened during a road trip with a campervan across the Italian Alps aka Dolomites. The breathtaking landscapes combined with the wilderness of the mountains overwhelmed me and I couldn’t stop shooting.

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Sebastian Lehrke

Sebastian Lehrke Germany

My name is Sebastian, and I am a Cologne-based outdoor and adventure photographer. I'd like to show you our beautiful and diverse, but fragile, world. Through my photographs, I hope to get people closer to stories and inspire them to go on adventures and explore more. I want to show people what kinds of adventures I get into and how inspiring it can be to get out of one's comfort zone. At the same time, I want to raise awareness about our fragile environment and nature, our human influence, and the need to change our entire actions and think twice before acting.

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