Network of Artists

Philipp Pilz from Germany

Philipp is a nature photographer based in Germany. With his photos and tones, he creates a unique atmosphere and mood. Extraordinary landscapes and animals tell his story. Philipp is addicted to nature and search for the wilderness behind every rock and tree. He travels through Europe with a camper van and discovers all the beautiful corners of his continent. Philip will take you on a journey and show you the most beautiful creatures and places in central Europe.

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Dion from United States

Dion is a nature and cityscape photographer based on the east coast of the United States in Boston. Dion spends all of his spare time finding new locations to photograph and applying his own unique twist on them. Although the majority of his photography is done on the east coast, he also enjoys flying to other parts of the country trying to find his next great shot.

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Kristina Maimburg Bosjanoks from Denmark

Kristina is a photographer based in Denmark. She is searching for mindful moments during travel and even during smaller adventures in everyday life. With her photographs, she hopes to transfer you, not just to another country, but also to another mindset, and essentially make you more aware and grateful for the little things in life.

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Johan Swanepoel from South Africa

Johan Swanepoel is working from South Africa, prefers minimalism, and mostly use artificial light for creative control. Apart from studio work, he also enjoys shooting wildlife and doing 3D modeling with still renders.

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Daniel J. Schwarz from Austria

Daniel is constantly hunting for the perfect shot with his camera and the newest tech to design something great with. Constantly on the go for new adventures, most of the time in his van. To ensure that he doesn't spend too much time with unnecessary things he reduced everything in his life to the things he really enjoys.

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Manuele Chiaravalloti from Switzerland

Manuele's passion for nature and art came 13 years ago when he moved from the hot mediterranean coast of the south Italy to the cold Switzerland’s alps. He loves to be alone out there, especially in rainy, foggy and snowy days. Even if it’s after a long day spent at work, at night or whenever, driving through the mountains for a few hours and back home makes him feel a lot better.

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Sebastian Lehrke from Germany

Sebastian is an outdoor and adventure photographer, based in Cologne, Germany. He wants to show you our beautiful and versatile, yet so fragile world. With his photos, he wants to bring stories closer to people, motivate everyone to go on adventures and explore more. Sebastian wants to show people what adventures he tumble into and how inspiring it can be to break out of one´s comfort zone. At the same time, he wants to spread awareness about our so fragile world and nature, about our human impact, about the need to change all of our behavior, and think twice, before we take action.

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Oscar Knutsson from Sweden

Ever since I was a child, I´ve experienced the forrest as my sanctuary. At first as a playground, where only my imagination could set the limits. When I got older it was more like a peaceful place, and I always found myself more energized after a visit there. I could just wander around and observe the animals, enjoy the birds chirping or on the contrary - just enjoy the silence. My photography develops continuously and motives can now be found anywhere, not just in the forrest.

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Andrew Mayovksy from Ukraine

Andrew Mayovksy is a professional landscape photographer. He travels worldwide and captures the most beautiful shots. Quote: "Photography is my job and life. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world."

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