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If you haven't found what you were looking for, we will help you find it. With so many options for one-of-a-kind pieces out there, finding a style or a medium that speaks to you can be overwhelming. To find your custom request, we will go through our network of artists and try to find the art that will enrich your interior. Once we found multiple examples, we will contact you. If you are happy with the result, we will create a new collection on Aluxem with your custom request.

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You have a 6-month warranty on the products you have purchased online through our website. The warranty covers goods that are broken or damaged, as described in the Consumer Protection Enforcement Act. Guarantees only apply to original manufacturing defects and not to damage that arose during or after receipt of the products, caused by your own fault or the fault of a third party.

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When purchasing products through the website, the legal right to revoke within 14 days applies. You therefore have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days from the moment either you, or someone who received the order for you, received the ordered goods. When invoking this right, we will charge 30% of the purchase amount.

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The photographers who deliver the photography to Aluxem Store retain the copyright, where applicable, of the works of art, designs, sketches, etc., designed c.q. created by them, hereinafter referred to as “the artwork”. The buyer is not permitted to change, copy or multiply the artwork or the delivered product, even if it only concerns part of the artwork or product, without the explicit and written permission of the photographer.